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WRESA                        Western Regional Education Service Area

Breaking Ranks II

Breaking Ranks II is the field guide for impementing the changes suggested in Breaking Ranks - the high school reform document of the National Association of Secondary School Principals.  Breaking Ranks encourages schools to focus reform around five major areas:  Personalization, Time, Coherency of Curriculum and Technology, and Professional Development.

Reinventing the American High School - Position Paper by the Association of Career and Technical Education
The Association for Career and Technical Education(ACTE), on behalf of career and technical education (CTE) professionals in the United States, advocates for clearly focusing American high schools on the goal of preparing EVERY student for full participation in a spectrum of college opportunities, meaningful work, career advancement, and active citizenship. We call upon leaders to make needed changes in school culture, instructional strategies and organizational priorities that will support this new purpose.
Taken Directly from the Executive Summary
ASCD's High School Reform Framework

The ASCD High School Reform Proposal, developed in consultation with experts recommended by the Association's governance bodies, focuses on five key components:

  • Multiple assessments
  • Personalized learning
  • Flexible use of time and structure
  • Professional development for teachers and school leadership
  • Business and community engagement
Education Northwest - Formerly the Northwest Regional Education Laboratory (NWREL)

Education Northwest's website has resources for High School Reform that include research, professional development, and reform coaching.

Accelerated Schools PLUS

Accelerated High Schools draw on Accelerated Schools' philosophy, research, and processes. Implementation is based on what we know works at the secondary level:

. Smaller schools support higher levels of engagement, achievement, and
  graduation rates. Each school should have no more than 400 students.
. Learning based on research and student inquiry.
. Multi-disciplinary curricula.
. Functional accountability through multiple forms of assessments.
. Autonomy over scheduling, budget, staffing, and time.
. Support for teaching through continuous professional development.
. Direct parents and community engagement.
. Partnerships with local colleges, universities, and corporations.

America's Choice School Design

The America’s Choice School Design helps districts and schools focus on five critical elements of school improvement.

    1. Creating a standards-based system with assessments that monitor progress and inform instruction
    2. Aligning instruction to standards and focusing teaching on moving students from where they are to where they need to be
    3. Strengthening instructional leadership
    4. Building professional learning communities
    5. Engaging parents and the community
High Schools That Work

The program is based on the belief that most students can master complex academic and technical concepts if schools create an environment that encourages students to make the effort to succeed. Member schools implement 10 Key Practicesfor changing what is expected of students, what they are taught and how they are taught.

National Career Academy Coalition

A support network of Career Academies across the nation.

Talent Development High Schools

The Talent Development High School Model is a comprehensive reform model for large high schools facing serious problems with student attendance, discipline, achievement scores, and dropout rates. The model includes organizational and management changes to establish a positive school climate; curricular and instructional innovations to prepare all students for high-level courses in math and English; parent and community involvement to encourage college awareness; and professional development to support the recommended reforms.

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