Avery 1:1 Technology Program

Avery 1:1 Technology Program


Since 2011, the Avery County Schools 1:1 Technology initiative has provided a district-owned device for students to help increase their access to educational resources and digital tools that facilitate learning.

Every student in grades Kindergarten through 5th Grade has access to an Apple iPad in their classroom. Students from 6th grade through 12th grade are provided with an 11" Apple MacBook Air, which they are allowed to take home.

In all cases, student device usage is carefully monitored, and internet usage is filtered to prevent them from accessing inappropriate content.

Required Use Policy (RUP)

Replacement Fees (for Students)

In the event that a MacBook is damaged or lost due to a failure to follow the required use policy, the following replacement fees are in effect:

  • Charger - $45*
  • Carrying Case - $30**
  • Display - $150
  • Full MacBook Replacement - $450

* Please note that while there are cheaper chargers on sites like Amazon, they are not genuine Apple chargers and either will not work properly or will have a higher failure rate than a genuine Apple charger.

** In the event that the zipper on the carrying case breaks, do not throw it away. If you provide the original carrying case to us we will replace the case at no cost to the student. If no case is presented the full case replacement fee will be given.

Internet Safety

The resources in this section give community, parents and children information that addresses safety and privacy concerns while using the Internet and other forms of electronic communication.

Digital Citizenship

In a global, digital society, we believe it is important to strive to use technology responsibly, to be positive digital contributors, to communicate respectfully with one another and the world, to uphold the law, and to use safe practices to ensure individual and collective security. It is the vision of Avery County Schools to support students, families, and all district staff in developing a comprehensive set of digital citizenship skills and attributes, enabling each to be a responsible, productive, and beneficial user of digital technologies and media. We aim to achieve this vision by providing a quality digital citizenship education across all grades and to all stakeholders.