Avery County Schools Education Foundation

Avery County Schools Education Foundation

Vision Statement  

 Our vision is to open doors for students in Avery County Schools by maximizing community investment through the Avery County Education Foundation


Mission Statement  

The mission of the Avery County School's Education Foundation is to enrich the lives of children enrolled in Avery County schools by providing financial access to educational experiences and scholarship opportunities which will enable qualified graduates to further their education.

Core Beliefs and Values


  • Communities are stronger when we invest in our children.

  • The potential and personal growth for every student is essential.

  • Financial resources should not be an obstacle to students seeking further educational experiences.


  • Integrity – we value honesty, respect, personal responsibility and strength of character in all that we do as an educational foundation.

Community Partnerships

  1. We believe that Avery County is stronger when we work together, therefore, we believe it is essential to collaborate in all that we do.

  2. We believe the greater the investment in students then the stronger our communities become.

    • Leadership - we strive to be a leader in the community by providing a catalyst for educational, community and business partnerships.

    • Stewardship - we will serve as responsible stewards of all funds entrusted with the foundation. We are transparent in our accounting practices and make responsible decisions to achieve our mission.

Board Members

ACS Education Foundation Director

Teresa Shadoin

Board of Directors (Voting Members)

Edwina Sluder, Chairman

Phillip Barrier, Treasurer

Keegan Anderson (Mayland)

Mary Carey

Kevin Frye

Erin Healy (Lees McRae)

Garland Honeycutt

Richard Honeycutt

Susan Johnson

Michael McKee

Michelle Scott

ACS Representatives

Ginny Braswell

Emily Dellinger

Todd Griffin

Frank O'Hagan

Denise Powell

Ruth Shirley

Jay Smith

Karen Tashner

Ken Townsend

Ricky Ward

Education Foundation Scholarships

Unless otherwise noted, you should apply for all scholarships via the Local Scholarships Application Form.


Barbara Sue Forbes Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $500 *renewable for up to four years
Student Type: ACHS and STEM Seniors
Deadline: February 20, 2018
This scholarship is in memory of Barbara Sue Forbes. She was raised at Grandfather Home for Children and was always giving back to others. She worked for the Red Cross and for the Salvation Army as well as a realty company. She cared for a friend and took her wherever she needed to go just because they were friends. This is the type of student we are looking for; a student who is willing to give of themselves without expecting anything in return. This is a unique combination for a person going into the field of business.

Corey Pittman Memorial Scholarship

Student Type: ACHS, STEM and Blue Ridge Academy Seniors
Deadlline: February 20, 2018
Student must have plans to enter into the medical field. Priority with be given to students pursuing EMT.

Curtis "Spot" Ward Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $5,000
Student Type: ACHS, STEM and Blue Ridge Academy Seniors
Deadline: February 20, 2018
In memory of Curtis "Spot" Ward. We want to give the scholarship based on financial need, character and academic effort. The applicant does not necessarily have to have great grades, but must show a determined effort in their classes.

Student must show determined effort in their academic effort, even if that means they did not make the best grades. Student also needs to have financial need, some community service and extracurricular activities.  Student is required to note intended major on application.

Fields Family Scholarship

Amount: Two $4,000 scholarships to be awarded upon graduation from Avery County High School
Student Type: ACHS or STEM Freshmen
Deadline: March 28, 2018
Must be a ninth-grade student planning to attend a post-secondary public institution in North Carolina to be eligible to apply. Preference given to first-generation college students who hold a job, have done community service, or do an extracurricular activity.  Student must have a B average or higher (3.0 GPA or greater) that must be maintained throughout high school career. Demonstrated financial need within household. Household income cannot exceed more than $10,000 per family member.

Hunters Helping Kids of Avery County Scholarship

Amount: $500
Student Type: ACHS, STEM, and Blue Ridge Academy Seniors
Deadline: March 20, 2018
Students planning to attend a two-year college to pursue a vocational career. Priority given to students who have overcome an obstacle. or learning disability and to members’ children.

Jim Greene Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $500
Student Type: ACHS or STEM Senior Athlete
Student must be an athlete that exemplifies sportsmanship and integrity on and off the field. Student must have financial need.
How to Apply: Student must be nominated by a coach.  Coaches are required to fill out a form and submit to Libby Gragg or Kirsten Huffer.

Karyn Coughenour Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $500
Student Type: ACHS or STEM Seniors
Deadline: March 13, 2018
Student must be a female athlete.  Priority will be given to cheerleaders and the length of their athletic participation.

Mary Belle 'Hope' Scholarship

Amount: $500
Student Type: ACHS or STEM Senior
Deadline: February 6, 2018
The Mary Belle Hope Scholarship was founded to give 'hope' to a female student who has shown academic growth and courage in hard times. Barriers are not always easy to overcome, but with a little hope and encouragement, anything is possible.

Female students who have shown academic growth, leadership growth, involvement,  a great love for others, and demonstrated financial need.  Students must include a transcript along with their application.

Robin Carver Austin Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $500
Student Type: ACHS or STEM Senior
Deadline: February 20, 2018
Student must have plans to pursue an education degree or have the desire to be a coach. Students must submit an essay in addition to the application. Essay prompt: “Who Are You and What Are Your Goals?”

Education Foundation Scholarship information is under the direction of Ms. Teresa Shadoin. If you would like to contribute or join the foundation, please contact Teresa Shadoin at 828-260-0870.

General college and scholarship information is under the direction of Penny Ward in the College and Career Center at Avery County High School. Please contact Mrs. Ward at 828-733-0151 ext. 3566 for more information.