•   Contact:  Ellis Ayers, Director of Curriculum & Accountability
    Avery County Schools firmly believes in continuous improvement. In the Spring of 2010, Avery County Schools received full district accreditation status from Advanc-Ed(formally SACSCASI), which helps monitor the process of continuous improvement.  Each school has a school improvement team comprised of school staff and community stakeholders that have developed a school improvement plan that is aligned to Avery County Schools goals. A school improvement team is composed of the principal and representatives of assistant principals, instructional personnel, instructional support personnel (such as media specialists, counselors, etc.), teacher assistants assigned to the school and parents of children enrolled in the school.  General Statute 115-105.2.7 requires that “representatives of the assistant principals, instructional support personnel and teacher assistants be elected by their respective group by secret ballot.”
    Parent representatives on the team must reflect the racial and socio-economic composition of the student population.  Parents on the team should not be employees at your school. School improvement team meetings must be held at times that are convenient for parents to attend. A three-year term may be too long to ask a parent to serve on a school improvement team.  It is not practical.  That would make all parents with children in the last two years of a school ineligible to serve.  Having only parents of first year students in a three-year middle school, for example, is not a good representation of parents, nor is it in the best interest of the school or students.
    The law requires that parent members of school improvement teams be elected by the parents.  Those parents who have children attending the school are eligible to vote for parent team members just as they are eligible to serve as parent team members with authority to vote on decisions made by the team. School Improvement Teams School improvement plans are submitted annually to the Board of Education for approval.
    Continuous improvement is a process for the entire school district.  The Avery County School System has completed the development of a District Improvement Plan which includes broad goals linking to the State Board of Education’s Future Ready Goals. 
    Links to each of Avery County Schools' Improvement Plans are found below:
    A report on Quality Assurance Review Visit completed 3/10/10 is found at the link below. The report, completed by a team of educators from both in-state and out-of-state outlines the Advand-ED Standards and how Avery County Schools meets those standards. Additionally, specific areas of commendations and opportunities for growth are presented.
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