Exceptional Children's Programs

    Avery County Schools exceptional children’s teachers are dedicated to providing all students with a disability  access to the knowledge and skills necessary to live productive lives.

    Our goal is to provide appropriate educational opportunities to all children in our schools who have a disability and are in need of special education services. We provide the full continuum of services to students with disabilities, based on individual needs. Related services are provided when required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education. 


    The Common Core State Standards and North Carolina Essential Standards are used throughout Avery County Schools. Exceptional Children teachers use a variety of strategies to help students make progress in the curriculum, including co-teaching with general education teachers.   At the high school level, students with disabilities may participate in the Occupational Course of Study, a pathway leading to a North Carolina diploma.

    Students with significant cognitive disabilities participate in the Extensions of the Common Core Standards. This curriculum teaches the essential elements of the traditional course of study while also emphasizing the acquisition of functional skills.

    Exceptional Children’s Program Personnel

    Please know that our dedicated staff members are here to assist our children as they learn and progress.  At any point in the school year if you have questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our  staff.

    To receive more information about exceptional children, please contact:

    Director: Vacant
    Office:  Central Services, Avery County BOE
    Phone: (828) 733-6006 Ext.  1511
    Data Manager & Administrative Assistant:  Renee Banner
    Office:  Central Services, Avery County BOE
    Phone: (828) 733-6006 Ext.  1501
    EC Compliance/Support/Curriculum:  Megan Edwards
    Office:  Avery County High School
    Phone:  (828) 733 - 0151 
    EC Pre-K Itinerant Teacher:  Jan Lewis
    Email:  janicelewis@averyschools.net
    Office:  Newland Elementary
    Phone:  (828) 773-4911 ext:  2529 
  • North Carolina EC Teacher of the Year

    Congratulations to Avery County's 
    2017-18 Teacher of Excellence

    Melissa Parker

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