• General Information for Parents
    Parents are a child's first teacher. Being involved with your child's education and developing a partnership with your child's school is an important part of ensuring success throughout your child's school career. Here are some tips for becoming involved in your child's school experience:

    *PROVIDE YOUR CHILD WITH BASIC NEEDS: Make sure he or she gets plenty of rest before school, maintains a proper diet, and has the needed school supplies.

    *REINFORCE LEARNING AT HOME: Provide an environment at home that is conducive to learning (for example: limit television watching).

    *STAY INVOLVED: Make an appointment to visit your child’s school, meet with his or her teacher(s), and learn about the school’s curriculum and support services.

    *TALK TO YOUR CHILD ABOUT SCHOOL: When your child knows that you think school is important, he or she will take it more seriously.

    *RECOGNIZE YOUR CHILD’S EFFORTS: Praise your child’s progress and accomplishments.

    Parent Resources Available Online
    The NC Department of Public Instruction has a site dedicated to helping parents help their students. Using the link below, parents can access video clips on Internet Safety, find valuable tips for dealing with specific discipline issues, and lots more. Visit the "Parents" section of Kaleidoscope, on NCWiseOwl.org

Last Modified on October 26, 2008