• General Information

    Inclement weather during the school year may require a change in school schedules. Decisions on schedule changes are made after considering information available from many sources. At all times the goal of the school system is to make decisions with the safety of students in mind. Avery County Schools has several plans in place to deal with inclement weather. When schools are on a two hour delay, schools will be open to receive children at 8:30. The announcement for changes to the school schedule will be made by 6:00 a.m.
    This information will be available through the Avery County Schools web site www.averyschools.net, calling the Avery County Schools snow number at 828-733-6006 or using the following media sources:

    WBTV Charlotte
    WCYB Bristol
    WSOC Charlotte
    WJHL Johnson City
    WLOS Asheville
    MTN Boone
    WECR 102.3 FM and WECR 1130 AM Newland
    WXBQ 96.9 Bristol
    WQUT 101.5 Johnson City
    WTFM 98.5 Johnson City
    WMNC 570 AM Asheville
    The SchoolMessenger automated notification system will be our primary means of communicating with families regarding weather delays or school cancellation.  PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CORRECT TELEPHONE CONTACT INFORMATION IS UPDATED AT YOUR CHILD'S SCHOOL TO ENSURE WEATHER UPDATES ARE RECEIVED AT YOUR HOME/CELL.
    Snow Plan B Explanation

    General Information

    In order to increase the number of days that students can safely attend school during winter months, Snow Plan B will be added to Avery County School’s inclement weather plan. Snow Plan B provides school bus transportation using designated stops on the main highways. Parents will meet their child’s bus at those designated stops in the mornings and afternoons when School Plan B is in effect. The schedule and route of individual school buses can be found using the search feature on the ACS Snow Plan B web page. Snow Plan B is based on a regular dismissal time for each school.  If Avery County Schools are on an extended day schedule, the times for the PM route will be 30 minutes later than posted.  Below are some important details of the plan for parents. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s principal.

    • Snow Plan B will be used only on days when school was cancelled the day before and will always be on a two hour delay. However, schools will be open at 8:30 am and parents may bring their children to school anytime after 8:30 am.
    • Each school bus has been assigned designated bus stops along the main highways with specific times to be at that stop. It is the parent’s responsibility to have their children at the designated stop at the appropriate time. The stops are also designated for the afternoon bus runs and will not be modified for warming weather or melting during the day. If your child rides the school bus to a designated bus stop in the afternoon, someone must be at the stop to pick up your child. If no one arrives at the stop, the driver is instructed to bring the child back to school where the child will be supervised until someone arrives to pick up the child.
    • Children not at school will be counted absent. However, children that are counted absent because they could not get to a designated bus stop due to unsafe roads or did not have another way to school, will be allowed to make-up any assigned work missed for that day in accordance with the school’s make-up work requirements.

Last Modified on April 15, 2014