Get Involved!!  WE NEED YOU!
    School volunteers play an important role in the success of our schools. They provide an extra set of hands, help increase community support for schools, and give teachers more time to concentrate on instruction.

    Our volunteers are parents and grandparents, retirees, business people, and community members – anyone who cares about schools and wants to be involved in the education of our children.

    Volunteers are welcome at both the elementary and secondary school levels. They serve as:

    Tutors and mentors
    Classroom assistants
    Library aides
    Clerical assistants
    Buddy to a student
    Speakers for career awareness events
    Members of School Improvement Teams
    Chaperones for special activities
    Teacher’s helpers at home – creating bulletin board materials, art projects, etc.

    Volunteers can set their own schedule. They can volunteer for as little as a couple of hours a month or as often as every day.

    To get started as a school volunteer, you can:

    *Contact the school nearest to you that works with the age of students you prefer to be around.

    *Attend a Parent Teacher Organization or other parent-school organization meeting and asking how you can become involved
    * Click here for the Volunteer Form.
Last Modified on October 13, 2017