FTES Faculty

Freedom Trail Faculty and Staff



Ricky Ward, Principal, ext. 5501

Emily Dellinger, Assistant Principal, ext. 5601


Caroline Turner, ext. 5629

Assistant: Desi Turbyfill, ext. 5629


Karen Boone, ext. 5606

Assistant: Carolyn Laws, ext. 5606

Annette Johnson, ext. 5613

Assistant: Maureen Manganello, ext. 5619

First Grade

Melanie McLeod, ext. 5612

Assistant: Linda Pitman, ext. 5612

Emily Russell, ext. 5611

Assistant: Alice Whittington, ext. 5611

Second Grade

Marti Berry, ext. 5605

Beth Masters, ext. 5621

Third Grade

Jade Evaul, ext. 5609

Rhiannon Manis, ext. 5620

Fourth Grade

Cory Holdren, ext. 5408

April Pittman, ext. 5624

Fifth Grade

Jessica Jones, ext. 5628

Hannah Trivett, ext. 5607

Specials and Staff

Jacqueline Aldridge, School Counselor, ext. 5525

child with paintbrush.jpg

Liz Gillette, Psychologist, ext. 5502

Anna Britt Harty, EC, ext. 5625

Dawn Hicks, Nurse, ext. 5639

Martha McCollum, Speech, ext. 5622

Amy Parlier, Cafeteria, ext. 5402

Joelle Poore, Library, ext. 5513

Stephanie Pritchard, PE, ext. 5627

Stephanie Watson, Music, ext. 5516

Lane Worrell, Art, ext. 5634