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     Avery County Schools Health Team
    Avery County Schools Health Team promotes health, safety and well being for children, families and  community by providing health education and health services.
    School Nurses are committed to the following goals:
    • Identify students with health needs and assist with accessing health care
    • Educate students, school staff and community in healthy lifestyle practices
    • Reduce health-related student absences
    The History of School Nursing

    Since 1902 when Lillian Wald assigned nurses to selected schools in New York City, school nursing has held an important and distinct place in the discipline of nursing.

    Today, the National Association of School Nurses defines school nursing as “a specialty branch of professional nursing that seeks to prevent or identify student health or health-related problems and intervenes to modify or remediate these problems. A comprehensive school health program includes delivery of health services and health education which directly contributes to the student’s education as well as health of the family and community.”

    NASN 1992

Last Modified on January 10, 2013