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(Troubleshooting) Quick fix for web issues caused by the web filter

Zscaler, our new web filter provider, relies heavily on Google for it's authentication process. Therefore, if you have a personal Google mail you must make sure that you have logged into your account first. If you don't you may receive issues, such as the error below.

403 error

Please follow these steps if you experience issues with your browser:

  1. In the URL bar enter "". This will take you to your Google Mail page. 
  2. Click your Google Account logo, in the upper right corner of the Google Mail window.
    If you are not logged into a account, the web filter will not authenticate you properly.

       3.  Click the "Sign out" button.
       4.  Log into Google with your account and password.
       5.  If you want to access your personal gmail account, click the "Add Account" button and login with your personal account.

Eric Hale