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Technology Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Various replacement costs for students?

  • Charger - $45
  • Carrying Case - $30
  • Display - $150
  • Total Device Replacement - $450

Where can I find the other apps to install, like Keynote or iMovie?

They're all available to install using the Self Service app on your MacBook. Just open Launchpad (the rocket icon on your dock) and search for Self Service, or find it in Finder by going to Applications -> Self Service. There are dozens of applications that you can install, so be sure to look around for any that sound interesting.

I'd like to install a piece of software that's not in Self Service. Can I do that?

If there's ever any software you'd like to have on your MacBook that isn't already available to download from Self Service, please submit a request via the helpdesk. As long as it is an appropriate app and does not lead to distractions in the classroom (such as games, for example) we are almost always willing to accommodate your request.

Do we get to keep our MacBooks after we graduate?

No, sorry. Our MacBooks are leased from Apple and we have to return our devices (or pay an additional fee) when our lease term is up.