Amazing Shake

Today was a special day at Freedom Trail and we will be sharing pictures and videos for the next few days. Students in grades 2nd through 5th participated in The Amazing Shake, something they have been working hard to prepare for! It was truly an awesome experience to watch how well they did and we were extremely proud! The Amazing Shake was created by the Ron Clark Academy to help place emphasis on teaching students discipline, manners, respect, and how to conduct themselves in a professional environment. This competition allowed us to test our students on their skills while engaging community members with our school. We would like to thank the following individuals for their help today: Mason Morris and his Skills USA students from Cranberry Middle, Cindy Brigman - Director of Student Services with Avery County Schools, Paul Cole - Pastor at The Ridge Church, Bonnie Clark and Edie Young - YMCA, Burke Jones, Garland Honeycutt - Eseeola, Arlene Foster - CTE for Avery High, and David Gamache.

The library was set up in 6 stations and students rotated through each one. They had one minute at each station and they were scored on charisma, confidence, poise under pressure, common sense, eye contact, and their handshake. Our stations were: an interview, a cooking show, pep talk, press conference, a manager, and etiquette. The top 25 will advance to the district competition on March 23 at Banner Elk Elementary but it was great experience for all of our students!

We present to you our TOP 25: Stevens, Hunter William Brinkley, Everly Fern Johnson, Luke James Jones, Christany Rayne Jeavelle Brady, Neomiah Ashton Earnhardt, Toby James Coates, Michael Julian Gwyn, Brylee Faith Manis, Tonya Lynne Nidiffer, Charlotte Hanick, Lettie Amia Singleton, Kendall Roan Sheets, Wulfric Steven Stafford, Madi-Rose Marie Woody, Landon Jack Cornett, Mason Wayne Dunn, Louden Wilson, Abel Raylan Reed, Caroline Faith Franklin, Sadie Kay Smith, Nolan Alex Townsend, Emsley Jolee Townsend, Jace Lewis Earnhardt, Noah

*Many more photos and videos to come!! #1fte4houses #rcainspired